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Good day icy readers. We want to take this new platform to introduce you to one of our new clients
IJORERE. Owned by Olatokunbo, Ijorere is a company that creates handmade, eco-friendly,
one of a kind luxurious invitations for weddings, grand events & more.

Their signature piece ( silk boxes) – Ijorere’s high-end wooden boxes are keepsake to last forever.
They are perfect for that EXCLUSIVE special event that will
have your friends/colleagues talking about your special occasion for years to come.

Ijorere creates exquisite designs for weddings,
grand galas, awards shows, and customized stationary for any & all occasions. Every invitation is unique to its client
and like no other.

They will cater to you anywhere in the world.

For more information log on to www.ijorere.com

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