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Miami, FL- April 7th On Saturday evening, the Women’s International Film Festival came to its final reel as the nine-day festival, which screened more than 68 films from over 30 countries including: Brazil,
England, Haiti, Hungary, India, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Spain and many more wrapped with the Premiere of Vivica’s Fox independent film, Junkyard Dog at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale.

The featured closing-night film came from Director, Kim Bass & produced by Deanna Shapiro. The movie was selected as the headline movie for WIFF because of Vivica’s key role as a lead that truly exemplifies the purpose of the Festival.   The film is inspired by actual events and tells the terror-filled tale of Audra Buckman, a nineteen year-old college co-ed, trapped in a month-long nightmare.

After the screening, fellow filmgoers received the opportunity to pose their questions with Vivica, Kim Bass and the film crew. Audience questions ranged from the publicity for the film, actual event history and scout locations among others.

“Every time a festival ends–I get sad and also excited. I look forward to receiving the next batch of compelling, poignant documentaries, shorts and feature lengths to feature for next year,” Yvonne-McCormack Lyons, Festival Founder and associate director. ` Many of these films showcased celebrate the lives of women from around the world; it’s a true educational event as our attendees gain an entrance into another reality told by a unique perspective.”
Opening night kicked off with on March 26th with a reception sponsored by the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Miami followed by Casi Divas, a flick about four women who are vying for a part in an upcoming film by director Alejandro Mateos (Julio Bracho). Films were grouped by location: North America, India, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. In addition, the festival offered workshops, luncheons with best-selling authors Helie Lee and Debbie Ford, a FREE family day and parties held throughout.
About The Festival
The Women’s International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF) is a unique, cultural event featuring films, visual and performance arts and other artistic expressions by women. Founded by a truly International individual, Yvonne McCormack-Lyons has spent the past 20 years in the fields of communications and women based arts and culture programs. Mrs. McCormack-Lyons has been spearheading the award winning Women’s International Film & Arts Festival for the past four years. The festival’s mission is to be the premiere international festival for women recognizing their brilliance and accomplishments. The opening night of the festival will be held at the Tower Theater on Friday, March 26, 2010.

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  1. Randy Shelton says:

    Are you the same Deanna Shapiro That was in film festival back in the 90’s? Was in Brevard NC … I was the videographer that interviewed you. If you’re the same person send me a text at 828 553 3871
    Randy Shelton

  2. Randy Shelton says:

    Hi are you the Same Deanna Shapiro That I interviewed back in the late 90’s at the file festival in Brevard NC
    If so please text me at 828 553 3871
    Randy Shelton
    Brevard North Carolina 28722

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