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First time authors Taiece Lanier and Yetunde Taiwo share the humor of the roller coaster of emotions during their cycle in this 28-page witty book!

MIAMI, FL (August 2013): – Sex Chocolate Cry, How To Stay Happy During Your Menstrual Cycle is a witty, new quick read by Fashion and Entertainment Entrepreneur, Yetunde Taiwo and Organization and Fashion Expert, Taiece Lanier. This is a book that almost every woman can relate to. The book is for mature women who are most likely sexually active, and who experience all the roller coaster of emotions that comes with menstrual cycle and sex. It provides a great read for women while they are going through their “period days”, sharing with them a good laugh in spite of the pain they will never get used to.

The book has four main chapters: Sex, Chocolate, Cry and Remedies. The short paragraph style writing of the book allows for a quick read and will make a great gift for girlfriends on any occasion. Sex Chocolate Cry, How To Stay Happy During Your Menstrual Cycle will be available for print soon and on kindle on its launch date, August 8, exclusively on Amazon and Kindle. It will be available online at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EC0ZZVI for $4.99 for the Kindle version and $12.99 for the full color, glossy print version.

Excerpts from the book include:

My goodness, sometimes chocolate is better than sex. Excuse me, what am I saying? CHOCOLATE is better than sex. There is something to be said about eating chocolate during “Aunt FLOW’S” visit that just makes the world look better and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

A period is like having a baby, except you never have it. I’ll rather have a baby every 9 months than to go through a cycle every flipping month for the next 40 plus years. DARN IT “Aunt FLOW”

“Sex Chocolate Cry” is simple yet engaging. It’s 28 pages of what men need to read, to understand women just a bit more.” – Dumebi Agabakoba-Ishaku, Editor, Complete Fashion Magazine.

The new authors offer readers who purchase the book exclusively on Amazon Kindle on its launch date, August 8, a special bonus download title ‘9 Natural Remedies To Have A Better Menstrual Cycle’.

Interested readers can log on to www.sexchocolatecry.com and join the VIP list to get the notification of special ‘SEX CHOCOLATE CRY’ events around the globe. Media and bloggers interested in interviewing the authors or reviewing the book can please send an email to [email protected]

SEX CHOCOLATE CRY, How To Stay Happy During Your Menstrual cycle By Taiece Lanier and Yetunde Taiwo
Format 1: 28 pages; eBook
Format 2: 30 pages; Glossy, full color, soft copy
Language: English
Sale Location: Amazon Print: $12.99 |Kindle: $4.99 (subject to change)


TAIECE LANIER is a Miami based Organization and Fashion Expert, C.E.O of Closet Editors Agency. She is also known as THE CLOSET EDITOR. Mother of two, certified fitness instructor, and a bona fide Chocoholic. She brings with her 24 years of MENSTRUAL experience.

YETUNDE TAIWO is a Miami based Fashion and Entertainment Entrepreneur. She is the owner of International PR Firm, ICY Public Relations and a bona fide foodie also known as the Afropolitan Chef. She brings with her 21 years of MENSTRUAL experience.

For further information about Sex Chocolate Cry, How To Stay Happy During Your Menstrual Cycle, please visit the following: Facebook: www.facebook.com/sexchocolatecry | Website: www.sexchocolatecry.com | Twitter: www.twitter.com/sexchocolatecry | and Instagram : www.instagram.com/sexchocolatecry

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