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It’s official we have stepped into the era of total SELF PROMOTION. Here is however how YOU can stand out this year. These 7 easy steps help you identify what really matters for a purpose driven and profitable brand. One of the secrets to a successful brand is being very clear on what YOU have to offer to OTHERS that adds value to their lives.

You are more likely to be top of mind when people know your brand makes them feel better about themselves. Not about you, but about themselves. Your audience is the HERO of the story. Have that in mind as you step more into this year. Your personal brand should be meaningful. Your AUTHENTICITY is what will make you stand out, and bank on that for a profitable year ahead.


This is probably the one word that eludes a lot of people. PURPOSE. What in the world is it I am here to do? It’s usually pretty simple. Purpose is almost always about others. There are many ways to identify your purpose. I find that it usually comes from one of these 4 experiences: Promise: you have an experience and then decide and promise yourself to change things for people, Passion: passion is irrational. All you know is that if you don’t do it, life would cease to exist as a happy place for you and those you love. Pain: Something difficult happens that transforms your life and now you want to help transform the life of others. Opportunity: You see/bump into a need in the world and you find yourself wanting to make life better for others. Once you have zoned in on what it is that is your purpose, you should identify who would value it: Age, hobbies, habits, where they spend their time, how to reach them etc


Image goes a long way in making a first impression. There is usually always more to a book than it’s cover. However, you are more likely to open a book with an attractive cover. And if the story matches or exceeds the cover design, BRAVO! Invest in a professional shoot. I promise you it is worth the investment. A good shoot with a good photographer will be able to capture the real you that translates through images and taps into the purpose you have identified. Your image includes all visual collateral that will be a part of your brand image for the next 365 days.


Nike did it best. Their representative is the all too famous swoosh. Your logo is your representative in the brand world. If you pay $20 for a logo, you’ll get a $20 worthy logo. Invest in a customized design that speaks to the value you offer and the audience you are targeting. Your return on the investment is worth that extra hundreds to pay. Invest in your own purpose.


Content, Content, Content. Be clear and direct about the value you offer. Understand what emotional triggers your value taps into, develop your biography, website content, advertising copy and do away with jargon words. Be clear, concise and engaging.


Most people don’t realize they are almost always marketing. When you’re convincing your friends to go out with you, or telling them how awesome that new hair company or hair stylist is, that is well under marketing and Public Relations. So relax you already have years of practice doing this. Now you have to do it consciously. Decide on what platform you want to publicize your purposeful brand. TV, Social Media, Radio, Podcast, Live Events etc. I suggest you pick your top 2 and build relationships then pitch to the world media why your value is of benefit to them.


Now more than any other time in our history, you literally have access to the world. That power that social media has offered must be viewed as an opportunity. An opportunity for you to change and reach the lives of so many people with how you and what you offer, can make their lives better. I know social media can be overwhelming. Relax, pick your top 2 or 3 platforms and be a master at it. Build friendships across the world and capitalize on the power of social media to share your purpose


It’s a sweet spot when the thing that you identify as your purpose now serves to help create financial freedom for you and your family and build profits. This is where you have to make a commitment to your purpose and put in the work required to build your purposeful brand. Learn new ways to generate revenue with a personal brand. Understand your finances, operate from a place of abundance and always remember your why. WHY DO YOU HELP OTHERS? Once you understand and accept the value that you offer. Your audience that sees the value you offer would pay your asking price.

All in all, your brand will evolve overtime, and even your purpose might evolve as you grow. The trick is to stay hungry for knowledge, keep learning and keep connecting to how you can be of benefit to others.

I wish you a purposeful and profitable year ahead.

Your Purpose Coach and Cheerleader






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