About Me

I’m Yetunde Taiwo Shorters

Lifestyle Serial Entrepreneur
I am one of those: 1001 ideas and the skills, abilities and a network to bring them all to life.  I have multiple passions that speak just one language. That language is LOVE. Yup I am a #LOVEAGENT. The single thread that ties, embodies and expresses my purpose is Love. From my PR company ICY PR (10 years on July 7), to my Professional Graphic Design skills (1999), to my Food Brand Afropolitan Chef (2010).  And the place I created to TEACH all I know to others: ICY ACADEMY. I am in the business of doing the things I love that serves others.

It’s a pleasure and honor for me to live FULLY in my purpose.

What is my PURPOSE?: To help others discover and step fully into theirs; using my skills, talents, abilities and my life as an example of what living on purpose looks like.


To help women tap into their confidence, step into their soul power to help the people they are created to help with this power. Oh and they get to thrive financially UN-APOLOGETICALLY using their purpose to bless, save and heal our world.

I use words, authentic visual story-telling and images to help women bring their full self to the world.

ICY REPORT is the place I have created to share with you, my life as a Serial Entrepreneur. From my lifestyle to life’s simplest questions, resources I discover that will help people save time and money, to a great recipe, consider ICY REPORT your VIP access to simple possibilities you may not have considered in the past.

Why Choose Me

Simple. I’m fun, no really I am lol. I kid I kid, Well actually I do like to have fun. You should choose to come to this blog because you will always walk away learning something new, or re-discovering something you forget. Plus, I am BIG on results. I am very mission driven, so I share solutions that support you in making progress, or thinking a little differently. We take action around here. We don’t just talk about it, we DO. So, if you’re an action taker, welcome, you’ll enjoy being here.

Oh and you can read my story here

Fun Facts

  • Know how to crochet
  • Used to be a premium member of the debating society, won a championship at age 14
  • Discovered my purpose when I was 10 years old.
  • Music and the opportunity to dance is the one thing that makes me work-out.

I look forward to sharing with you. I am NOT a secret, do tell your friends about my blog. Here, I’ll make it easy. Tweet this> 🙂 hahah. Have a rawking day.

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