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I appreciate you wanting to reach out and say hi! Below are quick tips for sending me messages. If you follow them, I will do a shuffle dance and send you some virtual Miami sunshine because, you’ll be making my life so much easier. I or someone on my team will reply as soon as possible. We read every email we receive.

  • For media interviews or editorial features my Publicist/Executive Manager Kimberly Mensah is your go to gal. She’s good at what she does. email her : kimberly(at)
  • For inquiries about the ICY ACADEMY Meaningful Branding Sequence: 7 Easy Steps to A Purposeful and profitable Brand. – email : support (at)
  • Speaking Engagements: When I’m invited to speak, I have a fee. When I show up and deliver value to your audience; I give my best to make you look like the superhero for inviting me. contact(at)
  • Coaching/Mentoring: I currently mentor 6 new entrepreneurs and 25 high-school students. If you are interested in learning about my coaching and mentoring program, please email support(at) with the email title in caps: COACH/MENTOR

I appreciate you following the rules I looking forward to hearing from you soon.



ICY Public Relations LLC.

located in Miami, FL. With clients in West Africa, Europe, North America and The Caribbean Office Address Miami,
Florida, USA. Phone Numbers+ email-is-best Email[email protected]

Monday – Friday 11 AM – 4 PM

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