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ICY Public Relations

At ICY Public Relations, It is all about YOU. I launched ICY PR on July 7th, 2007 to fill the need for International publicity for the small business owner. With a focus on fashion, entertainment and personality branding, ICY PR is about Global publicity that gets you results. Our company’s media and network marketing extends to Africa, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean and North America. We ensure that you get the right message to the right audience and media at the right time.

ICY Public Relations   ICY ACADEMY


I started ICY ACADEMY as an extension of ICY PR, a way to teach entrepreneurs what I have learned successfully over the years with my PR company. It is an online program with a network of Inspired GO-GETTERS who are ready to step FULLY into their purpose doing what they love, while helping and inspiring others in a way that creates financial freedom for them and their families. With my Signature Program: Meaningful Branding Sequence, I help individuals and businesses create a Purposeful and Powerful Brand that is Profitable, using their unique abilities. And we have a whole lot of fun on our way there. Members of the ICY ACADEMY, OWNERS CLASS have a knack for helping people.



Design has always been a passion. I began designing in 1993. ICY DESIGN STUDIO  is about delivering substance through strong, engaging and effective imagery. We believe in the power of colors and fonts, to tell the story that our clients need to spread their purposeful message to the world. ICY STUDIO serves as the support team to ICY Public Relations by using imagery to engage publicity in a purpose driven way. Our team of 4 are inspired by various industries and we tap into that to match our clients story with their design.

ICY DESIGN STUDIO   Afropolitan Chef

Afropolitan Chef

My food passion Afropolitan Chef was created from the desire to tap into the power of food to bring people from different cultures, religions, nations and neighborhoods together to build connections at my dinner table. With my many recipes, friends and foodies connect on a personal level, opening their hearts and love to each other to enjoy Afro-Fusion meals together. These healthy African inspired dishes take on average, 35 minutes to prepare and they all have calorie counts. To join the Afropolitan Chef Dining Society, click here. Afropolitan Chef developed as a result of my working from home with ICY PR and cooking home made dishes to maximize life as a lifestyle entrepreneur. Who know it would grow this fast? Follow Afropolitan Chef on Instagram



Humor, sweetness, sex and tears …. all women can relate. This Amazon Bestseller SEX, CHOCOLATE, CRY is a result of 2 friends sharing their menstrual cycle roller coaster of emotions, and how to find the humor in it. It is an Informal book that contains the combined 45 years of cramps, bloating and a myriad of emotions that men will never understand. This books is for mature women who are most likely sexually active, and experience the roller coaster of emotions that comes with menstrual cycle and sex. Get your copy here.



After cooking for over 5 years while working from home on ICY PR, I decided to put all the recipes I had developed and known for years into a high quality cookbook. Love with Food African Fusion Meals Made Easy came from my desire to share with the world, my love for food from the region of the world where I grew up, but influenced by my exposure to different world meals. With over 60 recipes, the meals in this cookbook inspired by Africa, but infused with ingredients, techniques and flavors from around the world, I intricately balance flavors of Africa and the world. I share quick, simple, colorful, flavorful recipes that have calorie counts. To grab your copy of the book click here.