My Story


Love for Public Relations inspired by Revenge of the Nerds.

rotn-1Born in Chicago, Raised in Nigeria, I watched Revenge Of The Nerds in 1987. I got so excited, I rallied my friends (all 8 of them) and decided we will call our group Lambda, Lambda, Lambda (just like the nerds) We even had an anthem. I’ll sing it for you someday. The neighborhood champion for kids Franka (about 4 years older than we were) called a meeting and gave everyone their title. I was upset that I was not the president, since this was my idea. She said “Yetunde you are the PRO”. To which I replied angrily. “what is a PRO?” and she replied “A Public Relations Officer. You are good with people”. At that moment, helping people any way I could became a way of life.


Life As A Fashion Model

fashionmodelLiving in Nigeria, West Africa, Slim was never in. I got teased, bullied and dealt daily with my self esteem. I was great at hiding it. Thanks to my mother and my other slim aunties who taught me about affirmations, I became a master at affirming myself. Living in America from 1996 changed that experience. While I was in College, Loyola University Chicago, slim was in and I took advantage of it. From Chicago to West Palm Beach, to Miami; modeling became a part of my story. Even though it was part-time, I always did it in tandem with my PR career. I enjoyed the process of accepting my physical frame and appreciating the opportunity modeling gave me to be unapologetically me. With a Communications degree in hand and years of working behind the scenes with true branding professionals, I learned about the power of image to influence peoples decisions and now, I get to use those lessons to serve my purposeful clients.


The Journey to Entrepreneurship

resignation-letterIn 2009, age 28 at the height of the economic depression, I left a great paying job as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations where I was helping Grammy Award winning classical music artists secure publicity in South Florida. My life changed when I wrote my resignation letter, and decided I was going to help small business owners get international publicity with their passions. It was hard; I had days when I cried and many days of wanting to go back to a good ol 9-5. And then I decided in the fall of 2009 to change my life in 30 days. I cut off watching Television that month and read more books to inspire, motivate and teach me. I decided from that moment I was going to be intentional about the energy I brought to the world and how I can contribute to it’s success… life has never been the same.