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With over 15 years of experience in PR/Branding and Marketing, I create experiences that help entrepreneurs build a more efficient, effective and profitable personal brand or business.


Purpose Brand Session


A Purpose Brand Session is a 90-minute intensive brand clarity review
with me. I delve deep into your purpose discovery by providing brand
clarity, evaluation and analysis to help you get clear on your purpose.
It helps verify your target audience and how to reach them.

• Identify where your purpose comes from
• Understand how your gift can help others
• Identify your power circle and how to reach them
• Develop a list of services you can offer your power audience
• Develop a Brand Statement that represents the best you
• Accepting the power of your purpose to help people and make profit

A brand session identifies what you’re the best at that can help the world, and recommended ways to package that gift, talent or ability to create financial freedom for you and your family.

• It is time because sharing your story can help build financial freedom for you and your family.
It is time because you have many lives to begin changing with your special gift, talent and ability.
• It is time because TIME is YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET
you can no longer afford to waste it.



Meaningful Branding Sequence


The Meaningful Branding Sequence is my Signature Program designed to help inspired go-getters create a purposeful and profitable brand, doing what they love. The program is served at  ICY ACADEMY. I support women in discovering and master their purpose, create and package that PURPOSE, so that they can step into their TRUE CALLING doing what they love that will intentionally change the lives of others, while creating the financial freedom they desire. We recommend the Purpose Brand Session first, then the Meaningful branding sequence follows. This programs uses 7 easy and effective steps to help you build a life around your purpose.

1. Others- Getting clear on the value you offer, identifying your power circle.

2. You- Curating all the images that represent the best you.

3. Unique Identifier- Creating your signature icon that represent the solutions you provide

4. Content- Developing all the verbiage you need for your purposeful messaging.

5. PR and Marketing -Getting the word out to your power circle with the right media.

6. Social media- Maximizing social media to reach the world.

7. The Business- The exciting part, the business of your brand, the work. Learning the ways you can create wealth, now that you have built your brand around your purpose.

This leads us to one of the ways, The Book Launch Made Easy Program.




Book Launch Made Easy

With 3 Amazon Best selling books to my own brand, I have first hand experience on the tools that worked to build residual
income for my personal brand and for others.

• I’ve published 3 Amazon bestsellers
• I’ve helped my clients become bestsellers
• And I can help you too

Book Launch Made Easy is designed to help new and seasoned
self-publishers understand the key process to a successful
book launch. It will provide tools you need for a book launch
experience that gets results. This includes winning tactics for
engaging your target audience in the launch, establishing
yourself as an expert and custom made graphics and simple
strategies for marketing your book and yourself to build profits.

• Launch your book
• Create all the visual collateral you need for a successful launch
• Position you as an industry expert
• Learn the Top 10 marketing strategies that get results
• Learn how to connect with influencers to increase sales